Conversion to Kindle format

An unexpected 12 hour layover in Delhi airport gave me time to learn how to format books for the Kindle.

I started with the book in Microsoft Word format. I converted that to HTML, then used Dreamweaver to strip out the junk tags that Microsoft inserts. I spent some time inserting cross references, so that readers can jump from one section to another, and putting in images.

Then I ran the HTML file through Calibre (free ebook software) to produce the book in MOBI format, which can be uploaded to the Amazon DTP site.  You can use MobiPocket Creator instead – it produces smaller files, but I found that the layout produced by Calibre was closer to what I wanted.

The tables were the hardest part.  I tried to do them in simple HTML (using Dreamweaver) but unfortunately they don’t show properly on the smaller Kindles.   So I took screen shots of the training programmes, rotated them, converted them to GIF files, and put them in to the file as images.

2 Responses to Conversion to Kindle format

  • Andrew Turner:

    Just started to read the bit about older bodies in the book as I am one of them and would like to point out that the incredible Mr Whitlock nis not Canadian he is British through and through. He has lived most of his life in Canada however but his early athletic career was in England.
    I love the website!!!

  • Hi Owen,

    No offense, but your description of the technology used here is… frankly it’s frightening.

    If you’re ever interested in jumping ship on tables (and word) in favor of some more modern practices, feel free to email me. I charge for serious jobs, but for a little quick training on purist coding i’d make an exception. 😉

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