New age grading data

Age grading is described in Running for Fitness here.

Alan Jones has recently updated the age-grading tables, because the estimates of world-record times for older women were proving too soft. Apparently some females were obtaining scores over 100%. The men’s tables have not changed since 2004.

The age grading tables used on this website are a combination of Howard Grubb’s tables here for men, and women’s track, and the Alan Jones updates for female road records here.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet containing the age grading times used on the website here.

2 Responses to New age grading data

  • sherry simmons:

    I just stumbled across all the letters for senior runners and wanted to comment. I started racing road races when i was twelve and last month won my 55+ divison after a hip replacement last year . I then retired due to bad knees.Roads r for cars. You don<t see the horses racing on hard surfaces. All running races should be on the trails. I believe it to be the hard surface of road races to be bad. Streets r for things with wheels….stick to the soft surfaces;)

  • Owen

    I discovered your site via the reference to AG at and have since thoroughly enjoyed, and continue to re-read and refer to, the ebook of the Running For Fitness text.

    A couple of questions re AG:

    Firstly am I right to assume that an AG should be updated when the relevant AG tables are updated? Or does a ‘historical’ performance retain the AG assigned to it at the time under the prevailing AG tables at the time? Logic would seem to dictate the former, but I wonder if you can provide a definitive answer? 🙂

    Secondly, I wonder if you have considered modifiying the AG parts of your site to produce AGs to two decimal places? This would make it consistent with parkrun results amongst others. [Not that I’m suggesting their approach is inherently correct.] Similarly, particularly for shorter distances, might the times benefit from tenths/hundredths of a second?

    I had wondered how your calculations accounted for distances of less than 1500m since Alan Jones’ tables do not go below that distance, but having read your post above I shall go and investigate Howard Grubb’s tables.

    Thanks for an excellent resource – I find myself repeatedly recommending your ebook to family and friends as they take up running.

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