Chapter 1: Conclusion

St James's Park; photo by David Knight

St James's Park

I have a busy and pressured job.  My colleagues often ask me how I have so much energy.  They imagine that because I have an active lifestyle as well as a demanding career, I would be perpetually tired.  The truth is the opposite.  My running gives me both physical and mental energy, and the confidence to juggle a busy life.

I generally run in the mornings, because that way I know that there will be no unexpected demands that will intervene to stop me running. If I try to run after work, I often find I cannot get away from the office in time.  I also keep my running kit and shoes in my office, ready for a spare hour when I can go for a quick run during the day. (I am lucky enough to have shower facilities in my office.)

Taking up running is a challenge at first.  Stick at it: after a while it will become easier, and eventually it will become a natural and rewarding part of your life.  As a fellow runner, I hope that this book will help you to test your own limits and find your own inner strengths.

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  • Pier Paolo:

    I am Italian, I was in London recently and was fascinated by the hundreds of runners who run at any time of day, the next time I’ll be one of them.

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