Chapter 10: Conclusion

The Welsh Castles - photo by David Knight

The Welsh Castles

Running at different paces improves your fitness and running performance, because it helps to increase the variety of ways in which your body adapts.  It also increases the enjoyment you get out of the sport, by charting a galaxy of different ways you can train.

But the corollary of choice is complexity.  We need to think carefully about how to combine these different training techniques to meet our goals.  In this chapter we have navigated through the different considerations, so that you can draw up your own training schedule which will help you to reach your goals in a way which is consistent with your personal circumstances.  In the next chapter there are some sample training schedules, built up from these principles.  You can use these as a basis for your own training schedules if you want, or you can build your own from scratch.

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  • Pete:

    This is a really useful chapter. The importance of varying training sessions cannot be emphasised enough. Simply joining a club and running some proper intervals / track sessions once a week for a few months improved my half marathon time from 1 hour 30 to 1 hour 24. It also makes training more interesting – though a degree of advance planning is needed.

    Not running hard sessions two days in a row is also a very important point – especially if, like me, you’re over 30 and your body takes longer to recover. Also really important to get to a good general level of fitness before pushing yourself in some of the harder sessions – so building up through some easy runs for 6 weeks or so.

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