Running for Fitness 2010 3D

Running for Fitness 2010 3D

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  • Norman Roberts:

    I used to be a competitive runner, but with age and past injuries, I only run for fitness now. It was tough to let go, but I finally did it. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to train for races anymore. I may enter a couple during the year only to enjoy them. My wife is a race walker and I jogged beside her in a five mile race in the spring.

  • john curley:

    hello my name is sean do the belfast marathon in the early 1980s and would love to do some running again would it be possible to give me a few tips how to start have new job and the lads now i did a bit of running years ago and they asked me to team up for the relay team would like to but been years since i did any running am 56 now and my kids told me to get the eye of the tiger back they used to shout that at me when i was running ……thank you very much hope you can help me get started

  • Bart:

    Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us.
    This is a one place that covers all for me. A best place to start.
    I specially liked the comparison between VO2Max and Heart Rate zones. I was training completely wrong even though I knew about Fart-lek, Long Runs (to fast) and Intervals.

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