Heart rate zones

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FAQ: Heart rate zones

Zone What it does % of Heart Rate
Heart rate
beats per minute
Long, slow runs, easy or recovery runs

Training in this zone improves the ability of your heart to pump blood and improve the muscles’ ability to utilize oxygen.  The body becomes more efficient at feeding the working muscles, and learns to metabolise fat as a source of fuel.

60-70% 139 – 152
Aerobic zone or "target heart rate zone"

Most effective for overall cardiovascular fitness. Increases your cardio-respitory capacity: that is, the your ability to transport oxygenated blood to the muscle cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells.  Also effective for increasing overall muscle strength.

70-80% 152 – 166
Anaerobic zone

The point at which the body cannot remove lactic acid as quickly as it is produced is called the lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold. It generally occurs at about 80-88% of the Heart Rate Reserve. Training in this zone helps to increase the lactate threshold, which improves performance. Training in this zone is hard: your muscles are tired, your breathing is heavy.

80-90% 166 – 179
VO2 max
"Red line zone"

You should only train in this zone if you re very fit, and only for very short periods of time. Lactic acid develops quickly as you are operating in oxygen debt to the muscles   The value of training in this zone is you can increase your fast twitch muscle fibers which increase speed.

90-100% 179 – 192

This table sets out the conventionally defined heart rate training zones. It is important to note:

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