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4 Responses to Nostalgia

  • john benkert:

    This is a great and useful website that I and many of my running friends of all ages use often.

  • Maynard Williams:

    I ran many marathons and half marathons in my 30’s and stopped running in my early 40’s. At age 67 I decided to train for a half marathon (Auckland, NZ) and completed it a few days ago. I found this website extremely useful from the time I began my training some 6 months ago. Of special interest was the ability to compare my performances (time trials and races) with that in younger years after adjusting for the effects of aging. Thank you so much for the many hours you must have put into developing this fabulous website. Had I not been able to see so clearly the effects of aging on performance I think I would have aborted long ago my return to running.

  • […] I am getting older. So onto the nostalgia tables to compare what I am running now, to where I was (near) my fastest.  I have some work to do.  I […]

  • bill davis:

    I am 73 and have started running again after about a four year lull. I ran occasionally during that time. I did 5k today in 40 min. Seems slow to me.
    Should a person run every day or skip a day in between?

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