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  • carol riddle:

    Just wanting to know what an average time for a 5K would be for a 66yr old, who tries, but is not an exceptionally fast runner. Short legs!!!!!! I can sprint but not for the long haul? I have run a 10min mi before but am up to 13! Just want to train for a faster mile. Any suggestions? carol

  • Hobgoblin:

    Run more. Added mileage helps. I am a cross country varsity runner and my varsity coach has told me that added mileage makes a huge difference. It is the average weekly mileage that really counts.
    You could also incorporate some speed work into your running routine. 2-3 days a week you could run intervals: maybe a 30 second sprint, 45 second walk, repeat, ect. Adjust to your current training level. Also, do one long run per week, but it should total no more than 30% of your weekly mileage. For example, if you’re running 15 miles each week, it should be no more than 4.5 miles. For a 30 mile week, 9 miles, ect. It’s good to buddy up with someone. I couldn’t get through our long run workouts without a friend to talk to.
    Finally, cadence (steps per minute) is HUGE!! Shoot for 180 steps per minute. It’s seems like a lot, but once you get going it’s really not. A faster cadence with shorter steps is better than a slow cadence with longer steps. A shorter, faster stride also uses less energy and is much easier on joints. I’m still only im high school, but I can tell you, the day after a 9 mile run, your knees and hips will be HURTING!!
    Hang in there, you can do it!! Three years ago I was running a 10-11 minute mile, and now I do a first mile of sub-6:20 in a 5K! It’s all possible, but it’s very much so one of those things where you get out what you put in!! Good luck!!

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