Daily Calorie Requirement

What is my resting calorie requirement?

The daily calorie requirement calculator estimates your calorie needs in two stages; the first is based on your weight and age,
and this is scaled according to how active you are.  This FAQ explains how the calculation is done.

First, calculate your basic calorie need:

Age Men Women
10 – 18 17.5 x W + 651 12.2 x W + 746
19 – 30 15.3 x W + 679 14.7 x W + 496
31 – 60 11.6 x W + 879 8.7 x W + 829

Example: I weigh 74kg, and I am a 43 year old male, so my resting metabolic requirement is:
(11.6 x 74) + 879 = 1737 calories per day.

Then you multiply this according to how active you are during the day.

Acitivity Multiplier Description
Sedentary 1.4 Little physical exertion during the day
Moderately active 1.7 eg regularly walking during the day
Very active 2.0 eg physically demanding work such as farming

Example: I am moderately active, because I have a sedentary job as a civil servant, but I exercise every day, including cycling to work and running. So I multiply by 1.7: 1.7 x 1737 = 2954 calories per day.

Source: Anita Bean The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition.

How much do I add for the exercise I do?

The following table assumes a person of 65kg. Energy consumption would be higher for a heavier person, and lower for a lighter person.

Activity KCal / hour
Aerobics (high intensity) 520
Aerobics (low intensity) 400
Cycling (16 km / hour) 385
Cycling (9 km / hour) 250
Running (6 min / mile) 1000
Running (10 min / mile) 600
Squash 615
Swimming (vigorous) 630
Weight training 270 – 450

How many calories should I eat if I want to lose weight?

You should not eat less than 85% of your daily calorie needs, and you should not try to lose more than 500g per week, because

  • you risk illness
  • your metabolism (and hence rate of weight loss) will slow down.

The minimum calorie intake calculator calculates the minimum amount of calories you should consume, and the maximum rate of
weight loss.

17 Responses to Daily Calorie Requirement

  • Michelle:

    I need so advise please

    I run between 4 and 5 days a week cover 6/7k. However lately my weight has been stay the same

    I am 42 years old and I am 75kg and I work in an office as an engineer .

    I try and eat around 1200/1300 per day

    Is this enough calories

    I was losing weight before but now I’m not

    Can someone please advise thanks

  • Nat:

    Can you help me with calorific needs leading up to and during a marathon. I’m around 126lbs and eat usually what I want. By my own admission I’m not a big eater and sometimes find carb loading makes me feel so full. I ran 20m and had to make myself eat afterwards because the porridge I had at breakfast was so filling.

  • Similarly if you are in the menopause and are on HRT, this
    can make after 40 weight loss difficult to achieve. This seems so unnecessary when all these “stick insects with mascara” (as Bridget Jones called them) could easily achieve
    this by consuming a few good meals. s content of body toxins that adds to the weight up to 7 pounds.

  • […] Runners and all athletes simply burn off loads of calories while the rest of us sit around and burn off hardly any calories and instead slowly gain wait until we reach my age 73 and can no longer see out feet without bending forward slightly. http://www.runningforfitness.org/faq/dai… […]

  • Glenn:


    I run 7 days a week (sometimes twice a day) and have a marathon PB of 2h47m. I’m 36 year old male and weigh 75kg. Based on the calculation above, I should be consuming around 3500 calories a day. I’ve never really followed any nutrition plan much to my detriment in my previous marathon, where I hit the wall severely at around 22 miles. I know this is most likely due to me not getting the correct amount of calories. I know what I need to do to get back on track. My question is though, is that I would like to lose a little weight to get to my race weight to race faster. Based on research this is around 70kg. Not being overweight, I just want to do this correctly. Would you have any advice?

    Thanks very much for your time.

    Kind regards

  • Karina Rodriguez:

    Hello I am a 15 year old female I weight about 90 lbs and am 61 inches tall, i run an average of 72 miles each week, thats about 11 miles each day, I consume about 1500 calories daily, am I eating right or should i decrease or increase?

  • lew:

    I’m underweight. 154cm, 30kg, 25 years old female. I swim 1.5-2 hrs almost everyday.

    1. How many calories do I need per day?

    2. How much do I burn swimming? I don’t swim at fast speed. Leisure front-crawl.

    Thanks so much.

  • Ling Seng Wah:

    I started running late last year and have done one HM two months ago, As I continue with my training, I feel that I do not consume adequate Kcal for my running program. I am about 71Kg, male and plan to run about 50km per week. Base on the calculation, I need to consume 2895 + 400 Kcal (= 3295 Kcal) per day which is a lot to me compare with my current daily intake. I understand that I need to consume carb,fat and protein in certain ratio but I can’t imagine what/how much to eat to achieve 3295 Kcal daily.

    As I live in Asia region, my normaly daily foods are white rice, bread, egg, chicken, quick oatmeal+ honey, yogurt, fish, cheese, banana , vege etc.

    How much should I eat in combination to achieve such goal?? Is there any healthy meal plan to make up 3295 Kcal

    Appreaciate your advice.


    Ling SW

  • tweed:

    What about people over 60? You don’t give a formula for people over 60. Do you think they don’t do aerobic exercise, or is there another, better explanation?

  • Syd:

    After calculating the calories per day, I found out that I need about 2350 calories for a female of 52.16 k age 10-18 and moderate exercise from running 2-4 miles a day, though I usually only eat about 1300 calories and it doesn’t affect me much, does anyone know why?

    • Paul Cummins:


      I left a comment below that I just realized highlights the same issue with calculating calorie needs as the one you have here. I don’t know why it feels okay to eat so much less than what you’re “supposed” to, but I’d say it lies in the RMR times activity level step of the calculations? My RMR seems really really high, over 1’600kcal, I don’t think my body uses that much energy simply at rest anyway…

  • Paul Cummins:


    I’m 23, I run 40 miles a week. I’m a lean 69kg and 172cm tall.

    I calculated my daily calorie needs using two different methods (Anita Bean, complete guide (3’200+ kcal); and MyfitnessPal App (1’500kcal) ). I trust Anita’s method more, but I feel like 2’000kcal/day would suit me fine?

    I’d really, really appreciate some advice as I’m not partial to eating loads but I don’t want to under-eat either.


  • Jennifer Sommerfeld:

    Im trying to join the army. Running 2-4 miles a day. I have two protein shakes and a regular meal. Is this enough to keep losing weight?

  • Sonia:


    I am currently training for my first marathon. I would also like to lose some weight. I am 64 kg and 162 cm female. I feel as though the training is making me hungrier but I gather in the long run that this will not allow me to lose weight. I don’t want to cut drastically and then have no energy to sustain my running. What can I do? Please, can you offer any assistance?

  • Marina:


    My name is Marina and I am 28 years old. I start running the last 15 months and I have completed some trail runs (7K, 13K) and road races 10K and 2 half marathons.

    I weight 70 kg and I run 3 -4 times per week- 20 K per week. I started running around 7:20 min/klm and now I can run 6min/klm but my heart rate increases immediately. I always run in with 175-180 bpm which is too much and I am trying now to run slower around 155 (zone 2) so I can burn fat instead of sugar as I haven’t lost much of weight these 15 months.

    Can you help me with this?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,

  • dee:

    Hi, I have been training now for 8wks, (an hour a day, 4 days a week) with a calorie intake of about 1100, and now weigh 69kg. My problem is I that I seem to have less and less energy to put into the training. After 20mins or so I am completely wiped out.
    Do I need to increase my calorie intake and if so by how much?

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